A Night Out at Shea’s Seneca

Recently my husband and I attended my holiday party at the recently renovated Shea’s Seneca. Michael Shea built the movie house in 1929 in the heart of South Buffalo. A favorite movie house for those who lived in that area. But like many beautiful, older buildings it entered a time of neglect and decline. In 2015, the Schneider Development Services took over the boarded-up building. Now we have five commercial tenants occupying the first floor of the building and 23 high-end market rate apartments called the Skyroom Lofts. 

Our party encompass three different rooms for appetizers, open bar, dinner, and then enjoying music with a DJ. And there are always a few who enjoy dancing – but that is not us!

We were welcomed to a beautiful display of appetizers and an open bar. Waiters walked around serving warm appetizers and shooters! I can’t remember the shooter name but it was good! We enjoyed some wonderful cheeses, pizza breads, and fruit!

We enjoyed the pick from four different dinner selections: Chicken Saltimbocca, Filet of Sirloin, Braised Pacific Code Casino, and Zucchini Boat with Quinoa. Hubby had the chicken and I selected the cod. I am always a bit cautious ordering Sirloin since I am particular on how it is cooked. In hindsight I should have gotten the Zucchini Boat with Quinoa since it could serve as future inspiration. The desserts were fantastic served by the waiters and waitresses. My two favorite were a cold brownie and another cold dessert with cream and a jam. Both were super moist with a lot of flavor.

At our party, the employees receives tickets for a silent auction. The prizes are always awesome. From $300 Amazon gift cards, Smart TVs, apple watch, travel cards, dinner certificates and much more! We have a very generous owner and founder of the company. (We were recently acquired but we still have our own parties and events.)

We got shut out this year but I have won many times, so no complaints. A couple of years ago, I won the 3D Printer! And it was such fun! It came unassembled and good thing hubby is an Engineer because all instructions were in another language including the video! We certainly had a lot of fun making little 3D plastic items. And you can actually make items that you can use. We made some nice Christmas ornaments. Some of you may know my love of SciFi and Doctor Who – so a Tardis was on the to do items!! And the Tardis ended up on our christmas tree with the bird ornaments going to my mother.

Below are a couple of 1-minute videos of the 3D printer in action and a picture of hubby and me before heading out to our Holiday Party!!