Old Man River

A Quiet Summer

How was everyone’s summer? Ours was more quiet than normal. But yet it went by fairly quickly! For the past six months, we ordered dinner out maybe 2 to 3 times a month. But we are avoiding restaurants even outdoors. Except for our one day trip when we went to the river and then enjoyed dinner at our favorite summer dining – Old Man River! We love their marinade chicken sandwich that is very thin topped with mayo, tomato, lettuce and pickles. So darn good!

We spent some time sitting by the river just enjoying the ducks and the beautiful summer day. We went on a Friday when the park was not too busy nor Old Man River!

Old Man River converted their parking lot into a seating area – as many local restaurants in order to meet NY requirements. I actually liked sitting out in the parking lot since it was roomy. It is definitely a tough year for restaurants and many businesses. Several of our local restaurants never opened up again and for sale signs are going up. It is sad to see. Luckily I have a job where we are still working from home. In the upcoming weeks I have more recipes to share that we have been enjoying over the summer and other views from our windows! Stay safe everyone! Happy Cooking and Baking!


    1. Oh that is funny!! It has definitely impacted some people’s lives pretty dramatically! Luckily we can cook! You would love Old Man River. Good food and low key. Summer at its best! Hope all is well with you and the doggies!

  1. Vegetable garden, neighborhood and park walks, home projects, blogging, artwork, Scrabble and card games, tv series and movies, phone calling to relatives (out-of-state) and friends, take out maybe twice a month to our favorite restaurants, keeping up from a distance with our neighbors… and more. Always a full day– enjoying our retirement as best we can. Have a good one, Bernice.

  2. I love to eat out, so we have been doing so once our restaurants opened up. But my favorite thing is to eat outside! So outdoor seating is my favorite thing, and most especially with a nice view. Your day by the water, and lunch sounds just fabulous!! (…and eating outdoors by water simply can’t be beat!)

    1. I so agree! It was a lovely day! The temperature and food was perfect. The River did not disappoint with its ducks, boats and people enjoying summer fun!

  3. Looks like a lovely outing! Since restaurants in L.A. County opened back up for outdoor dining, weโ€™ve been going out about once a week just to try to support our favorite places. Life has been somewhat normal for us because my husband has been working at the dealership this entire time, but it has been a very strange summer in so many ways. Iโ€™m so looking forward to the day when everything can be open and we donโ€™t have to wear masks everywhere!

    1. Yes. Same here. We do have business where employees returned and cannot work from home. But hopefully to get back to our former reality. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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