A Winter Walk Through Town!

This is an interesting December with snow days, bitter cold weather and then warm ups where all the snow melts. And then it starts all over again! We recently moved just as the weather was changing from summer to fall and then immediately to winter. We packed in hot, 85 degrees weather and moved in rain, snow, and cold temperatures. We basically hit all the seasons. But our new location is beautiful in the snow. We have a county like setting but yet the neighbors are still close and all conveniences are minutes away. The snow does highlight a beautiful area!

The other weekend we took a winter walk through town. It was during one of those warm ups of 30 degrees weather! But put on your winter coat, boots, and earmuffs and you are ready to go on an adventure! Many of the small business had festive Christmas decorations! The Bookworm was fun to visit as it is an eclectic mix of used books and unique gifts.

So many wonderful cafes and finally we took a break at the Elm Street Bakery with a rustic style decor serving hot beverages, bake goods, sandwiches, brick oven pizzas, and other warm food options. My selection included a green tea with a generous size Apple Cake that was crunchy on the outside and tender inside. A really perfect combination and an inspiration for a new recipe! Hubby had coffee and two large cowgirl cookies with one being devoured before taking a picture. Next time a brick oven pizza is going to be ordered! It really was a great little getaway and it seems like we were on vacation! And the best part is they source from local farms!

We spent some time at Vidlers which is a throw back to the 5 and 10 variety days. They have four buildings with different types of themes that encompass more than 75,000 items. They have a long history when they opened during the Great Depression! And a quick visit to a Bicycle shop – I loved the decorated bike on the sidewalk. Lastly we headed to the Roycroft art festival and saw the beautiful Alpacas!