Two alpacas across from each other

An Alpaca in our Backyard!

One morning we woke up to an Alpaca in our backyard! He was just taking a stroll looking around. He walked around in the field taking it all in as if to determine what to do next. There were some deer in the field and he was watching them. Then he took a stroll along the fence that separates our property from the farm where he belongs! He seemed very happy to be free and roam as he pleased. Then the Alpacas came out of the barn and he walked over to them. You can see them together. The ones in the barn seemed curious on how he got to the other side. Then he left them to walk across our driveway and into the field. Of course we called the farm owners so they could come out and get him back into their farm! Not sure how they got him into their farm. But at one point he started to run away from them! And Alpacas can run!


    1. They do make a humming noise – almost like in distress. They are used for their wool and sometimes they sell them. At one point they had over 100 of them but now they are down to around 20. They are such curious animals. They love to run over to see what you are doing. And typically one of them will always have a watch on what you are doing. But they might be getting a couple of Llamas! Now if only they could have a Camel I would be set. 🙂

    1. The owner told us this is the first time one of them jumped over the fence! Was happy to have been home to witness her walking around.

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