Anyone Need Bread?

Flour and yeast! Something I just took for granted. Well flour since I don’t use a lot of yeast. When this whole covid-19 started to hit us, I did not realize my white whole wheat flour was getting low. Nor did I ever expect this to last so long! Goodness I am going into week 9 of working from home.

Both Amazon and King Arthur website was out of flour. But finally on Amazon I did find a four pack of Red Mill whole wheat pastry flour. It was in stock and took two weeks to deliver. Now it is out of stock. When we went shopping the other week, Tops had 3 precious bags of King Arthur Whole Wheat flour so I grabbed one. I cannot tell you how happy I was! How is your flour and yeast supply? Did you have plenty when the stay at home orders started? Or were you like me? On an adventures trying to find flour.

BTW – I do not receive any compensation for the links provided. I am just sharing information that you might find helpful.

This week I noticed three bags of King Arthur White Whole Wheat flour pushed all the way to the back of the shelf! Almost missed it! And it is my favorite flour! Plus plenty of yeast. My daily stalking of websites looking for flour is over – at least for awhile.

During all of that my Red Mill flour arrived!! Typically I make a recipe more than once before posting so I will go through the flour. I am working on a no yeast bread recipe but was out of flour. The first batch came out good but still needed improvement before I can post plus provide some tips based upon what I learned. Below are a few tips as it relates to flour.

A Few Tips

  • Whole Wheat Flour
    • A lot of people do not care for whole wheat flour since it can produce a “heavier” baked good. White Whole Wheat flour is a great option.
    • But you can always take 2 parts of whole wheat flour mixed with 1 part white flour to gain that lighter texture. (Assuming you can find both types of flours!)
  • King Arthur Sourdough Starter
    • King Arthur website has a complete guide for making Sourdough. Initially I was going to go through the process to share with everyone. But I could never top what they put together!
    • One concern with making the sourdough starter is you have to discard some of it to keep the starter healthy. Well King Arthur provides recipes you can use with that discarded dough instead of throwing it away! The recipes look fantastic so I may just need to make the sourdough starter!
    • If you don’t have any sourdough starter, like me, they provide another option: Divide the total weight of discard in a recipe by half, then mix that amount of water and flour together as a quick but slightly less flavorful replacement.
  • King Arthur Baking Mixes
    • King Arthur has Baking Mixes that might help you out if your flour supply is low or you are out!
  • King Arthur Baking Boxes
    • King Arthur provides Baking Boxes that includes all your ingredients to make a wonderful dessert! I have not tried them but they look yummy!