Anyone Ordering From Local Restaurants?

With all restaurants closed by Governor Cuomo for sit down meals, we want to support them by ordering out dinner. On Friday I had a light lunch of a Kale salad with raw pumpkin seeds, shredded cheese and a hard boiled egg. (Nothing too fancy.) We ordered two fish fry for dinner. My husband picked them up and they let two people at a time into the delivery area. Some places are doing curbside pickup. Once home we removed the food using grilling tongs since there could be the virus on the box. New protocol is to wash hands after handling take out boxes and even the daily mail! For me it is not too much of a stretch since I wash my hands a lot before this whole COVID-19 pandemic.

The dinner was delicious and I am not a fan of takeout food since condensation can build up in the box decreasing the food quality. But it was really good! Our local restaurant is also selling a pizza kit in a box. You get the pizza dough, sauce, cheese and pepperoni. A fun experience for families to make their own pizza! Any one else supporting their local restaurants?

On Saturday I disconnected from all media and felt much better for the break. Currently I am revising popular recipes to include more tips, answer questions, adding average cost per serving, and reformatting the instructions. Most recently, I revised and reposted my Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. It is my go to soup during cold and flu season. Also worked on a few new recipes that I will post in the future. I hope everyone is doing well during this uncertain time!