Dixie and Gingerbread Cookies

Our last installment with Dixie left us with her enjoying her Christmas rawhide bone. It is a large bone that she just loved. But how do we get it away from her! No way she is giving us that bone! We also got Dixie Christmas Gingerbread Cookies made for dogs. Earlier my husband gave her a cookie and she just went crazy over it! So we thought lets give her a cookie. And we were rather surprised when she dropped the bone and focused only on the Gingerbread cookies! And with that we got her outside, put away the rawhide bone and cleaned up the wrapping paper. There must be something about Gingerbread that dogs love. We had another dog that would go crazy over gingerbread! But now we have a secret weapon when we need to distract Dixie!

We are sharing two short videos at the end of this post! Luckily my husband gave her the cookies since she went crazy over them! She was trying to climb up my husband to get to the cookies! She knew there was something good up there.

Dixie standing and looking up at Greg to see what he has for her on top of the refrigerator

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