Dixie and her Christmas Gift!

This year we got Dixie a large smoked rawhide bone – that smelled good enough for a human to eat! We place her gift on top of our refrigerator in the basement – double wrapped since she is a strong dog. My husband went to get her gift and somehow she knew it was for her! She could not wait to get that gift. Luckily my husband is tall so she did not knock him over trying to get to her gift!

At first she was not sure how to unwrap the gift. She grabbed her gift and ran around with it. Dixie gave it a smell and then tossed it around like she was a hockey player. It did not take her long to figure it out taking a death grip with her paws!! You can see in the below pictures that at one point she had both paws holding her gift. She is an entertaining and fun dog! She was so excited to get this gift. If you watch the video you will see her tag wagging and how happy she was with her Christmas gift!

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