Dixie Fights with the Green Carpet!

Our Dixie is a character! She has so much energy given her Rottweiler and Border Collie breeding. She goes from 100 miles a minute to sitting quietly. And then just that quickly she is on the move! Dixie can get a little mad if she does not get her way. That turns into little temper tantrums with the green carpet. She grabs the green carpet and starts shaking it and then chewing it! It is not a light carpet either!

Dixie is territorial about what is hers or what she perceives as belonging to her. I want the green carpet back. No going. She is going to hold the carpet in her paws and then lay on it. She has a death grip on the carpet. I had to tempt her with a gingerbread cookie to get the carpet away from her! Dixie is too funny. Hopefully next time I can get a video to post. Let us know if you are enjoying the Adventures with Dixie and I will keep posting pictures and videos. Maybe it will become a weekly Monday post.

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