Dixie Gets a Visitor!

We haven’t had an entry in The Adventures of Dixie in awhile since we have been busy preparing for Thanksgiving! Dixie is a 4-year old Rottweiler Border Collie Mix. She has a lot of energy and is very smart – maybe too smart! And she likes to get her own way! Dixie is a lot of fun and brings a smile to everyone who encounters her.

Recently I took a few closeup pictures and she enjoyed having her picture taken! But better yet, she really wanted my iPhone! Today’s Adventures includes a short video when the weather was a bit nicer. I was outside with Dixie waiting for my husband to come outside. When she realized he was on the other side she got so excited!! And almost knocked him over when he tried to get outside. Her Border Collie breed definitely shows in this video as she runs a herding circle around my husband. I hope you enjoy the video!

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