Seek and Treat toy with a bag of treats

Dixie New Seek and Treat Toy

Dixie is a mixed breed of Border Collie and Rottweiler. As such she is intelligent and very high energy! We like to test her intelligence to see how she handles different situations. I bought her a Seek and Treat toy that has sliding compartments with hidden treats. As a back up I brought her training treats in case I needed to get the toy away from her. You know how safe that is with a dog!! In hindsight I should have trained her on how the toy works since I was afraid she would tear off the wooden doors. However, when you see the video and how high energy she is, there was not a chance of first training her!! I hope you enjoy the two short videos!!


  1. Dixie almost had it figured out…I was hoping she would use her paws…But it was fun to watch her try anyway…

  2. Nox has this same toy! She loves it, and we don’t even have to put special treats in it. We put her kibble in it and she has a blast getting it out.

    1. That is wonderful!! Dixie is a chewer so her tendency is to want to chew the toy. I am thinking maybe a different toy that is made of harder plastic instead of wood.

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