Enjoying our new fire pit

When moving into our new home, we decided to purchase a new fire pit to add to our enjoyment of a nice summer night. Our first fire was July 3rd and a big storm decided to roll in so that cut the night short! Luckily our next fire went better! Including a fun adventure with the alpacas!

As my husband was building the fire I went over to check out the gardens. Our neighbor’s alpacas were in the barn. Then one little one poked out her head to see what I was doing. She watched me for awhile and then headed back into the barn. A few minutes later another alpaca poked out her head. This one was more curious and headed out to investigate. This led to more alpacas poking out their heads to see what was going on. And one by one they started to head out! I guess no one wanted to be left out of the action. They are so adorable! I love alpacas, llamas and camels! So it is pretty cool to live next door to an alpaca farm!

We had an enjoyable night with Twisted Teas and as the day turned to darkness we enjoyed a blazing fire. Then the alpacas were on the move and tripped the security light and once again we could see them. Still grazing late at night! Next fire I am bringing out my cast iron pan to make something yummy on the fire!! Does anyone else enjoy sitting around a fire or cooking on a campfire?

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