Gardens, Hanging Out, and New Recipes

How is everyone doing? I am four months into working from home with settling into some fairly hot and humid days! It all somehow seems surreal! When we purchased our new home, it came with several raised gardens. Greg is busy taking care of them and is growing corn for the first time! The plants look wonderful but now we are fighting the Japanese Beetles! I would hate to see them ruin his hard work! We also planted beets, onions, carrots, peppers, tomatoes and there was already a rhubarb garden and asparagus.

So far we had one fire outside, it was just before Fourth of July and of course a storm rolled in so back inside we went!! We also enjoy some peaceful time outside reading a book or just taking in nature.

Mr. Raccoon shows up once in awhile. The birds could eat us out of house and home! We moved our hummingbird feeder up front away from the busy feeders in the back. And then some bird other than a hummingbird shows up!

The Alpacas are always a joy to watch. They are such peaceful animals. And of course NASCAR races are back on TV!

And what’s cooking in Supper Plate’s Kitchen? Well a lot! I have a lot of new Pampered Chef products that I am trying with new or modified recipes plus making a lot of cooking demos. All of this will make its way to Supper Plate. Please remember if you order from my personal Pampered Chef website I will earn a commission that will cover my PC expenses and maybe one day help cover Supper Plate’s overhead. Below are a few pictures of recipes headed your way!! Some are mine and others may be Pampered Chef’s recipes. In those situations, I will share their recipe card for their full credit. I hope everyone is doing well!

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