Happy Easter and Resurrection Sunday!

Happy Resurrection Sunday and Easter everyone! How is everyone doing? Easter is definitely different this year. People are sharing on Facebook how their celebrations are changing. Churches in our area are not having services in a physical building but through social media. Personally I feel the physical church is just a structure. The church can gather in any manner. And our spring flowers have popped up just in time!

The fireman held a nice parade on Saturday with the Easter Bunny and a parade of vehicles. It was unexpected! It is nice to see how the community comes together during this odd time of history.

As always I am searching for supplies for my mother and us. Right now we are in good shape but am thinking ahead a few months out. One of my favorite places is Grove Collaborative for my disinfectants and hand sanitizer. And of course I have several orders through Amazon for products to be delivered in May and June. The supply chain got hit hard with the unexpected surge in demand. Luckily I found a 50 pack of face masks and have more on order including material to make them. A friend made us some face masks which was very kind of her! Plus I am sharing a funny social distancing guidelines for Buffalonians! We are all about our food!

We are busy posting on Dixie Dog Tails fun stories about our lovable Dixie a mixed Border Collie and Rottweiler. She definitely wears her heart as she is an emotional dog. Join us on Dixie Dog Tails for our fun adventures!

I just ended my fourth week of working from home. I spend most of my day in the computer room and then progress to the living at the end of the work day! It is rather amusing! At night I am busy updating recipes along with a price per serving. Hopefully this helps those who are looking to manage their food costs. I am working on a Carrot Cake made with Applesauce recipe that I hope to post soon. There was left over buttermilk so I made a batch of Buttermilk Pancakes that I can freeze and enjoy every day.

We have a new recipe for Instant Pot Basmati Rice at 35 cents a serving and Indian Spicy Rice at $1.10 a serving. Needless to say I love rice!! Plus updated a few other recipes. Cinnamon French Toast Bake at $2.00 a serving. Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins at 45 cents a muffin. Kale Sweet Potato Salad at $2.20 a serving. And a couple of cocktails because this is the perfect time for cocktails!! Apple Martini at $1.70 a serving and Orange Martini at $1.20 a serving. Would you like to see more cocktail recipes? Let me know and how you are doing during this time of social distancing. I do believe we will come out with a new normal. Stay safe and well!