Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July Everyone! I must admit with working from home since March 16th and rarely leaving the house except for a nice summer walk, I am losing track of time!

Our initial plans for this weekend was to attend the Indy NASCAR Cup race but obviously that is not happening! The Brickyard 400 race is so much fun and everything about Indy is just unbelievable!! Logano won the drawing for the pole and of course that makes me happy since he is one of my favorite drivers!!! The year we went it rained so we returned the following day for the race and caught part of the Xfinity race since they ran back to back. We had fantastic seats with direct view of the pits! We had a great view of Logano and Kyle Busch pits! Yep I was in heaven. You can see in the below picture Logano and his wife having their picture taken by fans. I also like driver 18! Watching the amazing pit crews is one of my favorite parts of the race. Keselowski won the race and his thing is to take a lap with the American flag! On the way home, we had several of the haulers pass us – what a great experience! A live NASCAR Cup race is an awesome experience – very patriotic! I hope they don’t let politics ruin the experience.

Picture is not mine. Source unknown.

Lastly, I wanted to share a few Pampered Chef Fourth of July recipes that I have been sharing on Facebook. As a reminder, if you purchase anything from my Pampered Chef website, I will receive a commission that I use to cover my overhead. Have a great and safe Fourth of July everyone!