Happy New Years

Happy New Years 2020!! Supper Plate’s 1 Year Anniversary!

I want to wish all my wonderful readers a very happy New Years and blessed start to 2020! New Year’s Day is Supper Plate’s one year anniversary! We are not new to the blogging world. Supper Plate replaces Realistic Cooking Idea (RCI) that is many years in the making! Thank you to our RCI readers who are now following Supper Plate! I am in the process of shutting down that blog with bringing over some of the recipes. We have a lot of wonderful plans for 2020 that includes new soups, introducing low carb options, and more make ahead meals. Plus a new section called “Cooking Experiments”. (Now called “Cooking Lessons”.) This is where I share deeper information on an ingredient or cooking process. We have one post for how to make Pumpkin Puree as part of this new section.

A snowman Christmas candy dish with Hershey kisses in red and green wrappers. A champagne glass in front of the light up snowman.

A Year in Review

In reviewing 2019 I am happy with our progress as we introduced a plugin to provide a formatted, printable recipe card. And you know what that means. We went back to the recipes published to redo them! We discover that you can remove the “date” stamp that ages our recipes when publishing. Of course that meant adding a redirect plugin to redirect the recipes to their new url that excludes the date! And we are learning about SEO using the Yoast SEO Premium plugin. I almost forgot Google Analytics – that we still need to explore. At this time our hosting is through WordPress and we are contemplating about going self-hosted. If you are self-hosted we would love to hear what you are using and your experience!

With so many changes we manage to have 122 posts that includes Wordless Wednesday and a few personal posts. And a new section “The Adventures of Dixie” for those who enjoy our lovable Border Collie Rottweiler mix breed dog.

2019 Popular Recipes

It is interesting to review what recipes are popular with our readers! Our most popular recipe is Oven Roasted Red Skin Potatoes! This is such a simple recipe that originally debut on Realistic Cooking Ideas. The recipe is so easy that we almost did not post it! Our number two recipe is Grilled Prosciutto Wrapped Pork Tenderloin inspired by a dinner at Carrabba’s Italian Grill. And number three is Christmas Figgy Pudding! Another surprise winner. I never image the interest in this recipe. These recipes were consistently the most popular on RCI. We look forward to finding new recipes that will rival our readers top selections!!

How Do People Find Us?

We would like to thank all our WordPress followers who reads our posts through your reader feed. A heart felt thank you as your are our number one readers!! Our number two is Facebook with a close number three by Search Engines. Pinterest is a close fourth but I need to learn more on how to optimize traffic. Twitter and Instagram provides little traffic and we stop investing time in those social media avenues. Because I do have a full-time job so where to spend my time is important.

I want to wish my wonderful readers a beautiful and happy 2020!

Thank you so much for your support and kind comments!

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  1. Happy New Year! I keep toying with the idea of going dot org self-hosting, but then I look at the cost and all the backend stuff and decide to stick with the dot com Premium plan. Pinterest is really good for traffic especially a food blog. You might want to check out “Breaking the One Percent” for tips. BTW, what plugin did you use for the recipes? I’ve always coded them in my post (what few food posts I do) which is a pain. I look forward to your recipes in 2020!

    1. Thanks for the tip and your kind words about Supper Plate! I need to get serious about Pinterest this year. I am toying with revenue from the food blog especially in retirement. WordPress ads are not the best. But of course I need some serious traffic and that will take time. For my recipes I am using WP Recipe Maker and I love it! I also purchased the nutrition plug in. They also have a conversion for UK. I love that it provides a formatted version and is printable for my readers. If you load it and need help just let me know.

    1. Thank you Sandhya! We are working on new recipes for 2020! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ And exploring if we want to go self-hosted. Are you self-hosted?

  2. I actually recently discovered your old site!! I discovered you first, though, when you visited, a happy day! I made a figgy pudding last year but am waiting to see if I’ll get it out or my Sticky Toffee Pudding! I didn’t imagine either being very popular but am happy to see your Figgy Pudding has done so well!

    I hope you have the happiest New Year yet & look forward to each post and now that I’m pretty much healed up from my shoulder surgery, I can’t wait to explore more!


    I have a question, too. I wondered about the dates. I don’t know when they started on my site, but I think it was my theme that added them originally. What plug in do you used to remove them?

    1. I so agree. Who would think Figgy Pudding would be so popular. It actually is really good. Especially if you enjoy figs. For my older blog, Realistic Cooking Ideas, I have removed much of the content and am working on moving over the remainder to Supper Plate.

      For removing the dates, I first started with creating a spreadsheet with all my posts plus their links (URLs). Under Settings>Permalinks I changed my permalink to “Post Name”. Then I used a “Redirection” plugin to redirect every post to its new URL. I believe there might be other plugins that can automatically redirect all yours posts. But my preference is to do them manually. I use the same “Redirection” plug in to redirect traffic from RCI to Supper Plate. You need to have a business plan to use the plugin (or at least that is my understanding).

      1. What an endeavor, Bernice! Your old site fed over fast, which is a sign you did a great job! I’m going to have to give it some serious thought and thanks much for all the detail!

      2. Thanks. First I am glad I got rid of the date since it can make your recipes look old in search engines. Plus it really cleaned up my url.As for RCI, I had older recipes that are not coming to Supper Plate. Some of my earlier posts were not too good. I learned a lot. Then with Supper Plate I learned about SEO and that changed my world. I also follow Casey Markee. He is an SEO expert. Fascinating stuff!

      3. I was going to stop blogging for various reasons. I started to shut down RCI and wondered how I would get to my recipes. Then decided to start Supper Plate. And then this new world of SEO opened. So much to learn!

      4. It’s crazy, isn’t it! My brother thinks I should take classes online and build my own site. Can you even imagine!! There’s too much else, and besides, I can’t remember what I go into a room for half the time, lol!!

      5. I am not sure what he means by build your own site. WordPress is one of the best. If he means self hosted and SEO then yes there are a ton of resources. πŸ˜€ I basically focus on one thing at a time. Like adding my recipe card. Now I am working on revising my ALt tags.

      6. I ‘m going through those same processes. Updating for SEO, adding enough text, links, pins that work, fixing colors that didn’t migrate with my latest template. Trying to take better pics, and so on. And every time turn around there’s a new thing to learn about! No he means LITERALLY build my site, code by code. All the css, all the html. He’s a computer guy, and nagging at me all the time. Honestly I’ve never worked so hard for so little, but I love it all (except the technical part) so it never feels like work.

      7. We are on the same path! I am a former programmer. And honestly see no value in coding a site. There are so many updates to plugins that you would need to update the code for them to work. To have a chance at monetizing the site is SEO. And that feels like a full time job!! And of course marketing your posts. This year I am going to take a Pinterest course. I need a strategy. But there is only so much time after work!!

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