Hello Mr Fox!

When we made the move to a country like setting, we also gained a beautiful red fox who comes to visit. One day when I came home from work, my husband told me about seeing the fox. At first I did not believe there was a fox. He must have seen something else. Of course for the longest time I never saw him! Then one day I saw the Alpacas lined up watching intently into the field. We wondered what is going on. And then we saw the fox. Finally I saw the fox which is the first time I ever saw one in person! Those Alpacas never took their gaze off of him. They always knew where that fox was headed.

Mr. Fox must have a den in the fields next to our house as we see him popping in and out. Or her. Not really sure, but for now I am calling the fox Mr. Fox. We watched him run along the fence with a purpose as he is hunting for mice or maybe bugs? Yes, sometimes we see mice tracks so Mr. Fox is welcomed to live next to us. (I wasn’t planning on mice when we moved here.) Sometimes Mr. Fox is pouncing on something.

Finally Mr. Fox got closer where I could get better pictures of him. At one point I swear he was looking right at us! He had an intense expression. Luckily we were behind glass in our four season room. Look at his beautiful markings!

We were able to get a short video of Mr. Fox. He moves quickly just like the little hunter he is, so it was a bit challenging! It takes a few seconds before you see Mr. Fox walking through the brush. Then he stops and starts stalking again. I hope you enjoyed this little story about Mr. Fox and hope that everything is well with you and your family!