Introducing Product Review Fridays

We are into week 9 working from home under NY stay at home order. I am using my down time to give Supper Plate a facelift. The blogging world changed since my first cooking blog. General cooking blogs were the rage but now readers are looking for you to focus on a niche. Months ago my husband and I discussed how I could refocus my cooking blog. What am I good at? What would people find interesting? He commented about my ability to save money and make a meal last for days. This led to exploring different paths for this cooking blog. But none of them felt right for me.

One of my favorite shows on Food TV is Robert Irvine Restaurant Impossible. I love how he breaks down the food cost and operational overhead of running a business. With the current state of our economy with covid-19, this feels like the right time to focus on budget friendly recipes. I enjoy breaking down the cost of a recipe to show how you can make great meals at home while managing your expenses. I am looking for ways to share tips on managing expenses or even food shortages in the grocery story. My recent post on Anyone Need Bread provides a few tips and suggestions.

What is next for Supper Plate?

I absolutely love gadgets and cooking products that makes life easier. As such I am starting “Product Review Friday” where I will be reviewing my favorite products and gadgets. This Friday I am sharing a review on Cuisinart Egg Cooker that I have faithfully used for more than 4 years. It definitely makes my meal prep so much easier. I hope you will enjoy this new series! If you have any thoughts or suggestions, just let me know!