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Making Pancakes with Pantry Ingredients

How is everyone doing with the stay at home orders? If you have them. In NY we are stay at home until mid-May with wearing masks in public if social distancing is not possible. I am in week 7 of work from home and our company indicates we are to WFH until June 1st (or longer – who knows!) In New York, NYC has the highest percentage of coronavirus tests that are positive with WNY coming in second. So who knows when those executive orders will be lifted for us!! Some areas of the state will be out and about before us! At least we have a lot of wonderful wildlife that we are enjoying in our new homestead!

So how is cooking going for everyone? We are shopping once every 2 weeks and definitely stalking Amazon and Grove Collaborative for items when they come in stock. I am sharing my most recent adventure with running out of ingredients and improvising! Would love to hear your stories!

So as everyone knows, it is tough to find any types of flour, white, whole wheat etc. We had some buttermilk and wanted to make whole wheat pancakes. Well our King Arthur’s White Whole Wheat flour is almost gone. I never stock up on flour since you want it fresh. And of course King Arthur’s website is completely sold out. But luckily we have two bags of white flour! So we improvise. I combined elements from my Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes and Blueberry Whole Wheat Pancakes. Refer to my post for more Pancakes Tips and Techniques.

We start with 2 cups of white whole wheat flour and the empty bag had 3/4 cup. So white flour for the remaining 1 1/4 cups. Then we need 2 cups of Buttermilk. Hmmm…. the measuring cup indicates 1 3/4 cups. Now I am out of Buttermilk – must have been the no yeast bread experiment. So what to do? Went to the refrigerator and dig out the Unsweetened Almond Milk to top off the 2 cups. So I was a bit nervous on how is this going to come out. Hubby starts enjoying the pancakes while I am flipping them. All of a sudden he lets me know these are the best pancakes! They are light and fluffy! Always good when there is a happy ending!

Four blueberry pancakes on a plate with butter and a fork
Light and Fluffy Pancakes

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  1. Look ever so tasty! Yeah, whole wheat flour has gone the way of the dinosaurs here. My mom told me she makes her own by adding bran to regular flour.

    While our governor eased some restrictions (hair dressers/tattoo parlors and such can open), we are still instructed to wear masks and practice social distancing whenever we go out. The mayor however said not so fast, and extended the stay in place restrictions until at least Mother’s Day. My guess is masks will become the new normal and social distancing will continue for the foreseeable future in cities. Stay safe and keep making awesome looking dishes.

    1. Thank you! I would agree with you. The masks and social distancing does not seem to be going away any time soon. We went grocery shopping today and there were three bags of King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour! So I grabbed a bag! So happy! Good to know how your mother makes her own whole wheat flour. I think we will be getting more creative with baking and cooking.

  2. These look and sound great! So far I’m doing okay with supplies. I go out once a week and I’ve managed to pick up hard to find things here and there. I can’t find yeast anywhere though. Here in L.A. County the stay home order is in force until May 15th although I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets extended. According to the governor, places like hair salons are months away from being open. Ugh! It seems like things are starting to get a little ugly. There are protests going on. People are getting tired of being out of work and being told to stay home. Hopefully this will all end sooner rather than later.

    1. I so agree Susan! Too many people are at risk for losing their businesses and impact to their ability to pay their bills. I found some yeast on Amazon but am holding on ordering any. I was thinking of making the sour dough starter but am hesitant to use my flour to feed it every day!

      I think NY is similar to LA in that we are not the early adopters of opening! We are seeing more cars on the road than a month ago. But people need to get out even for a drive or walk in the park. I can’t believe hair salons are months away from opening! I can’t even imagine how many small businesses will be closed.

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