Mr. Raccoon Visit!

Awhile ago I shared how our bird feeder was taken away in the middle of the night. We had a few ideas. Then hubby moved the bird feeders and purchased a baffle that prevents raccoon and squirrels from climbing the pole. One night I had a little startle while working in our four season room. The backside of a rather large animal was under our bird feeder, which is close to the house!! It moved and realized it was a raccoon and most likely the bandit of taking our bird feeder!! He intently was cleaning up the bird feed on the ground! And the poor birds were no where to be found when he is around. I knocked on the window and he could care less! He did look up a few times at the Alpacas! He came by a few times and then disappeared for awhile. The video shows him intently eating and then near the end you will see him leaving the yard escaping through the fence! But often he would hang out in the tall grass waiting until the coast was clear to return to the yard!!