Raccoon in the tall grass

Mr. Raccoon Visit!

Awhile ago I shared how our bird feeder was taken away in the middle of the night. We had a few ideas. Then hubby moved the bird feeders and purchased a baffle that prevents raccoon and squirrels from climbing the pole. One night I had a little startle while working in our four season room. The backside of a rather large animal was under our bird feeder, which is close to the house!! It moved and realized it was a raccoon and most likely the bandit of taking our bird feeder!! He intently was cleaning up the bird feed on the ground! And the poor birds were no where to be found when he is around. I knocked on the window and he could care less! He did look up a few times at the Alpacas! He came by a few times and then disappeared for awhile. The video shows him intently eating and then near the end you will see him leaving the yard escaping through the fence! But often he would hang out in the tall grass waiting until the coast was clear to return to the yard!!


  1. I just love raccoons! They are so talented and adorable!! It is amazing how they can get into everything and anything they want to! Thank you for sharing these cute pictures!

    1. This is true! He stoled the entire bird feeder one night. Hubby went looking for it and never found it. When we fixed that problem, he just hangs out on the lawn eating. I haven’t seen him for a few nights. Maybe he moved on.

  2. Awh, such a cutie! I love observing wildlife, I’ve made friends with some squirrels during lockdown, they’re now comfortable climbing up my legs to get some tasty nuts 😀

    1. I also spent more time observing wild life during this time period. They are fun to watch! Squirrels are interesting. They will definitely become friendly if you have food. 🙂

  3. So very cute! And what a beautiful yard and surrounding area! Oh my gosh, all that green is just beautiful! 💚💚

  4. Bummer about the bird feeder incident. However, it’s cool having a raccoon stop by once in a while. Usually a couple of times a year one or even a family of them stop by our place, stick around for about a half hour, then leave. Although, about 10 years ago, I did have 2 very large ones decide to live six months in our palm tree. Unfortunately, they killed or chased away all the birds nesting there before they finally left. My bird seed bowl hangs at the end of a branch of our orchid tree, just in view of our kitchen window. Luckily, only birds venture there.

    1. Wow! That is quite the story Art! I noticed the birds stayed away when the raccoon is in the yard! I love that you have a palm tree and an orchid tree! My husband checked out the nearby trees to see if he could find their nest. This raccoon was huge!

      1. Those two former resident raccoons looked like medium-size dogs. I remember getting ready to start my car for work at 5:30 am… and seeing what I thought were two dogs crossing the street– until they walked up my driveway. Never knew they got that big.

      2. It is amazing how big they get! I was a bit startled at first at a large animal under our bird feeder! I can only imagine seeing two of them at 5:30 am!!

    1. That is funny!! Our raccoon is a big one! He came again last night. I had not seen him for awhile. But there was not much bird seed on the ground so he did not stay too long. We have squirrels and chipmunks. A red fox and tons of birds. And of course the deer and alpacas. I am sure there are other critters that I am forgetting about.

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