close up of Yellow Finch on a tree

Mr. Yellow Finch

In our new homestead in the country, we decided to put out a few bird feeders. What started with a few birds showing up is now bringing a variety of birds. We have a beautiful Yellow Finch that likes to visit. He hangs out in the bird feeders and a “landing” tree that the birds seem to enjoy. They can easily fly back and forth between the tree and the bird feeders. Especially if a black crow makes a visit or the raccoon. They can escape to the tree until the coast is clear!!


  1. What beautiful visitors! Too many squirrels and black birds keep me from installing a feeder for the finches, robins and other songbirds here. I’ll just have to admire others images.

    1. Thank you! We get a couple of squirrels and the black birds. But luckily they have not taken over. Our biggest problem is they go through too much bird seed!! We have to limit them otherwise everyday my husband would be filling the feeders.

    1. Thank you! It is so relaxing to watch them and interesting how the birds interact with each other. Many different types that share the bird feeders without any problems. 🙂

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