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My New Adventure

Most recently I decided to add a side gig of becoming an Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef. It is the perfect complement to Supper Plate! Pampered Chef has a wide range of Quality cooking, baking, grilling, and food products. And I love how they have price ranges that will fit everybody’s budget! Plus, with their plethora of recipes – they make meal time so much easier!

From time to time I will be sharing product demos, reviews, and recipes from Pampered Chef. If you choose to purchase anything through my Pampered Chef website, I will receive a commission. The primary focus of Supper Plate remains the same with a focus on sharing recipes and our adventures in the country. My other blog Dixie Dog Tails will continue to be focused on our lovable Dixie! Below is an example of a Pampered Chef recipe.

Facebook Page

My Facebook Page Cooking in Bernice’s Kitchen is a great way to stay in contact if you wish to follow my new adventure. I am authorized to sell Pampered Chef in the United States. Through Facebook I will be going live with product demos; sharing recipes and tips; fun games; shopping specials and cooking shows!! Yes, I will be going live in my kitchen! My next Facebook Live is revealing my most current order!

Facebook Virtual Parties

Lastly I am holding Facebook Virtual parties with people attending from many different cities within the United States making them so much fun! If you are looking for a Pampered Chef Consultant I would be honored to be your consultant if you wish to host an online party. Or have any questions on the products. And we love to spoil our hosts with free Products that they select! In an upcoming post I will provide more details about our party opportunities but feel free to message me with any questions. For Supper Plate, I am working on a couple new recipes and Pampered Chef will only be a small part of this blog. So feel free to head over to my Facebook Page to enjoy the entire experience. As always thank you for supporting Supper Plate!


  1. My wife and I went to a Pampered Chef party many years ago… and were happy with their products– still in use today. Good luck with your new adventure, Bernice.

    1. Thanks so much Art! Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to follow my Facebook Page if interested. And of course there is never any pressure. 🙂 I am glad you are still happy with the products.

  2. I’ve ordered from Pampered Chef before. I remember it took a bit longer to get the product than expected. However, I was not disappointed with the product 🙂.

    1. Yes the wait is a bit longer. And right now with all the covid requirements and higher than normal demand is making the time a bit longer. But PC reaches out a lot to the customers and are giving those who order in May and June 10% off a fall order. Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to following my Facebook page if you are interested. No pressure. 🙂

  3. Congrats! Sounds like a perfect fit. I have a couple of Pampered Chef products that I love … bamboo wooden spoons and pizza cutter.

  4. Congratulations! I absolutely LOVE Pampered Chef products and have accumulated quite the inventory over the past 20+ years. I use that chopper ALL THE TIME. And their recipes are quite excellent. Best of luck; no doubt you’ll be quite very successful with this new venture.

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