Nature Surrounds Us

How is everyone doing? We are enjoying the nature that surrounds our house. Previously our Hello Mr. Fox post talked about a red fox that comes for a visit. The Alpacas that live on the farm next door is out every day. The farmer across the road is preparing his fields for planting. There are a lot of interesting birds that visit a bird feeder outside our four season room. They are beautiful birds that show up every morning for their food.

They are amazing to watch. Different species sharing the bird feeders until the big black birds come. They don’t play nicely.

One morning we woke up to find the bird feeder pole almost on the ground with the bird house under the tree. Like something threw it! We were wondering what animal did that. Was it a deer? Perhaps a squirrel. Hopefully not a bear. Of course the birds arrived looking for their food. So hubby went outside to fix everything for them.

We have a woodpecker that comes every day! He is beautiful. He lands on one of our bird houses and you can hear him pecking on it! I got a short video as it is pretty amazing to witness up close. You may have to turn up your sound since I am in the house taking the video.

For a couple of nights we awoke with no damage to the bird feeders. We have cameras on the house and were going to get another one to record any movement, at night, of the bird feeder. But the animal came before that could happen, which is too bad because it would have been interesting to watch. We heard a “growl” outside and knew whoever was stealing the food was here. It was dark but we were able to surmise it is a raccoon. The way my husband had the bird feeders fashioned, the animal needed hands to remove everything. That rules out the deer and the “growl” sounds like a frustrated raccoon. My husband saw a small animal in the field which also lends to a raccoon. Definitely not a bear – thanks goodness! I did not sign up for any bears when we moved out here.

The next morning all the food was wiped out and only the bird house roof remained!! The raccoon took the bird house and we never saw it again! So now hubby is going to fashion a raccoon proof bird feeder. And for now he takes the food out to the birds in the morning and brings it in at night. The birds come every morning looking for their food. And how can we not feed them. They are just beautiful! Even the big black bird.

How is everyone doing? We hope you and your family are done well and are safe! What are you doing to keep busy?

Black bird sitting on a broken bird feeder