Quick Slice Product Review with Video

Today’s product review is Pampered Chef Quick Slice! A great way to quickly slice softer vegetables, fruits, and cheese! I made this wonderful Caprese Salad using the Quick Slice to easily slice the tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese! Then into the dishwasher for easy cleanup! If you order anything from my personal Pampered Chef website, I will receive a commission from your purchase. Read on for my product overview and a demo of the Quick Slice in action!

What is the Quick Slice?

The Quick Slice has a unique design with 11 serrated blades that cuts 7 mm slices perfect for your Caprese salads, topping a sandwich, hamburger, and so much more! The “V-shaped” design prevents soft foods from squishing! It has non-slip feet on the base to keep it steady when slicing which is super quick to do! Now head on over to my kitchen for a quick demo!

Pampered Chef Quick Slice Demo

A great example of the Quick Slice in action is slicing strawberries! Remove the protective base cover and the blade frame from the base by lifting handles. Position the strawberries based upon desire shape or size after slicing. Next grasp the handles firmly, center the blade frame over food and push down to begin cutting through the food. Use a slight side-to-side rocking motion if needed. Then remove the food. I will slice different foods without washing the unit between slicing. Leave the messier foods such as mushrooms and fresh mozzarella cheese to last whereas tomatoes and strawberries are sliced first.

Do you need the perfect sliced bananas for a dessert? Quick Slice to the rescue!!

Hardboiled eggs is another great option to slice and if desired slice a second time to dice them. Fresh mozzarella cheese slices easily and perfectly! And avocados, mushrooms, pound cake, and kiwis! What to stay away from? Harder vegetables and cheese that might damage the blades such as potatoes and carrots. But how great is it to find a slicer that works with softer foods!! How would you use the Quick Slice?

If you enjoyed this review, head back to my kitchen for a review of several slicing and dicing products!!

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