Shakeology – Four Years of Results

Every year I look forward to my Shakeology gift. One of the best decisions I ever made was starting my morning with the dense nutrition of a Shakeology Shake. I keep it simple by blending together crush ice, 10 ounces Unsweetened Almond Milk, 1 scoop Vegan Tropical Strawberry Shakeology and a half of a banana. My energy levels increased with my new routine started four years ago. Plus I never have to think about breakfast – it is just automatic.

Beachbody rewards those who order Shakeology continuously for 12 months through a subscription. Luckily I had a subscription when they started the reward program – so it is a nice extra. The reward for four continuous years is awesome with this festive glass! Prior years included shaker cups and a Shakeology container specially designed for the rewards that cannot be purchased. I am curious if anyone else is using Shakeology?


    1. It is part of Beachbody. I am a Discount Coach but do not actively sell. For me Shakeology is the perfect way to start my day. I also love their workout programs. You stream them on demand so it is at your convenience. I work out at night where I have friends who prefer early in the morning!

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