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Smooth Edge Can Opener Product Review with Video

Pampered Chef Smooth Edge Can Opener is one of my go to products when opening a can! My other can opener is in the garbage! If you order anything from my personal Pampered Chef website, I will receive a commission from your purchase. This money is being used to cover my Pampered Chef expenses and over time hopefully cover the overhead of Supper Plate. Now on to my review of using the Smooth Edge Can Opener! (The bottom left image is from Pampered Chef website. The other pictures are my own.)

What is the Smooth Edge Can Opener?

Have you ever cut your fingers while opening a can?? Not fun those things are really sharp with jagged edges!! And may require a tetanus shot if you get cut! Or how about when the lid drops into the can ending up in the food! YUCK! The Smooth Edge Can Opener takes care of that problem!!

With the Smooth Edge Can Opener – there are no more cuts, no more YUCK!! Why you might ask? Because it is designed to cut under the lid, leaving no sharp edges and is easily removed!! And it doesn’t flare up my carpel tunnel in my wrist! Just another win for me.

Check out my Youtube video for a demo! Easy peasy to use. My videos are closed caption. (You may need to turn it on or off.)

How to use the Smooth Edge Can Opener

The Smooth Edge Can Opener is really easy to use. Just set it on top of the can with the cutting wheel just underneath the lid. Turn the handle clockwise to lock it onto the can and then turn clockwise until it releases. Then one turn to the left to release the handle from the can. The side of the opener has a button that opens the grabber. Just use that to grab the lid and pull it off! No sharp edges on the lid or on the can!

The can’s lid then becomes a lid. I like to place it back on the can until I am ready for the ingredient. For example if I am making my Guinness Chili that requires several cans to be open, I can open them, place the lid back on until I pour the ingredients into the pot. No need for electricity to use it and just a quick wipe to clean it. Just more benefits! Anyone own the Smooth Edge Can Opener?!

Price Conscious Products

Did you know that 67% of Pampered Chef products are $30 or less! Their products are affordable for all price ranges. Take a look at our $25 and under products. And our Smooth Edge Can Opener falls into that category!

Did you know that 67% of Pampered Chef Products are $30 or Less!

Contact Information

  • We have a lot of quality products and pantry items available through my Pampered Chef website!
  • My Facebook Page Cooking in Bernice’s Kitchen is a great way to stay in contact if you wish to follow my new adventure.
  • On my YouTube Channel I am starting to share closed caption cooking videos and product reviews.
  • I am authorized to sell Pampered Chef in the United States. If you order anything from my personal Pampered Chef website, I will receive a commission from your purchase.

Recipes Perfect for the Smooth Edge Can Opener

Guinness Chili
Beef Minestrone Soup

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  1. I heartily endorse this can opener. I got it as a gift several years ago and once I tried it, I will never use another. There are no sharp edges and it is easy and quick to use. One huge advantage is that I can re-use the cans for other purposes without any risk. Get one today!

    1. Thank you for the wonderful endorsement!! I love the ability to also reuse the can without risk of injury! Thanks so much for sharing your story! 🙂

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