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A Spring Walk in the Gardens

While I am working from home, my husband is busy cleaning out our gardens and installing a better reflection stake at the end of our driveway. Late last year we moved to a new home in a country setting. It has many gardens including 5 raised vegetable gardens. It is fun discovering what is growing in these gardens. Today we took a walk and a few pictures. We started with the raised gardens. One of them has asparagus and we believe some remnants from last year’s crop. It is fun to start planning what to plant! I am not one to get my hands dirty, but I may have to break my rule to help out with the gardens!

Then off to the back to see the Rhubarbs planted by the back garage. Never had Rhubarb but will be learning how to make a Strawberry Rhubarb pie! Then we turned around and there are the Alpacas – curious and adorable! My husband walked over to them and of course they just loved him!!

After giving the Alpacas some attention, well Greg giving them attention, we headed out to the front of the house. We have a cute little garden that already has yellow flowers in bloom! Throughout the gardens are a lot of bulbs that are growing. Not sure what will bloom but it will be fun to see them.

Now off to see the new reflector installed that is stronger than our other stake that had a tough time with the wind. Finally a loop around the other side of the house and then it was getting too cold for me. So back inside!

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping busy during this time of social distancing! Stay tune for an upcoming adventure with Mr. Fox!!

Red fox hunting


  1. Aren’t you lucky to have such beautiful gardening space! Perhaps, if you try digging around in the dirt a bit, you will find it as meditative and relaxing as many of us do. And those alpacas! How adorable!

    1. Thank you! As you said I hope to find it relaxing and time to disconnect from technology. The Alpacas are sweet. Quiet animals. 😀

    1. Never had Rhubarb. So I will find out if I like it. But I do not have any plants for the other gardens! Hopefully this virus will be over soon.

    1. Thanks so much! We are looking forward to see what blooms. The Alpacas are adorable. They are pack animals so you would want at least three of them. 😀😀

  2. When you watch something grow that you’ve planted and eventually harvest– you never think about dirty hands again. It’s been especially helpful during this time period. What’s nice is that some veggies– like cabbage (I’ll cut down to the bottom of the stem and see new leaves appear) come back on their own. Even cherry tomatoes. Good harvesting fortune with your own garden.

    1. Thank you Art!! In the past we grew tomatoes and peppers. But we want to get into root vegetables. But I need to figure out how to store them over the winter. Plus now that we are closer to the farmers we want to buy more local produce. Definitely a new adventure for us! And a fun one. Thanks for stopping by. 💕💕💕

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