Tall Ships on the Buffalo Harbor!

The Tall Ships have arrived at the Buffalo Harbor for the Fourth of July weekend! Today is 89 degree Fahrenheit with a 64% humidity! But hubby and I decided to venture out to catch a glimpse of the Tall Ships! We started for a walk along the Buffalo River to the historic Buffalo Lighthouse established in 1833 and was deactivated in 1914. Then we took the Queen City Bike Ferry which is a link between Buffalo’s inner and outer harbor to the original entrance of the Erie Canal. A round trip only costs $2 and that is much better than moving the vehicle. Unfortunately, we could not get too close to the Tall Ships. Tours cost $20/person and it was just too hot and humid to even think of touring the Tall Ships. It is definitely a water and ice cream kind of day! But the Buffalo River was active with kayaks, boaters, and people enjoying being out on the water! And keep an eye out for the Tiki Hut out on the water! You can rent the Tiki Hut for an hour tour with four of your friends. Their Captains are vetted and trained thru the U.S Coast Guard requirements. After a couple of hours we were ready to head home back to the air conditioning to catch the Xfinity race at Daytona Speedway. I hope you enjoy the pictures from today’s journey as we are putting the finishing touches on a delicious grilling recipe!

Buffalo Lighthouse

Tall Ships on the Buffalo Harbor

Fun on the Buffalo River

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