The first harvest of Beets!

For the first time we decided to grow beets! We are huge lovers of beets and could eat them every day! Our harvest is ready with my husband picking them, cleaning them, and then steaming a batch! We serve them with a little olive oil and apple vinegar. Actually I can eat mine without anything since I enjoy the freshness of beets! Look at that beautiful, rich color!

Beets cut piled high in a glass bowl
Beets out of the garden

My husband planted them, watered and did all the gardening. My contribution is to enjoy them. 🙂 They were fun to watch grow! Luckily the deer and other animals in this area have plenty of natural food that they are leaving our gardens alone! We have raised beds without any fences around them. At our last house we had to have a fence completely covering the garden including the top to avoid the deer from a late night munch.

After harvesting and cleaning the beets, they were then steamed for 30-minutes. The skins came off easily with a paper towel. Easy Peasy. (Especially since hubby did all the work!) We planted more seeds as we believe there is time for another harvest!! How do you enjoy your beets? I also like them juiced!

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