Cup of tea

Time for a Cuppa Tea!

While working I took a quick break to walk around our house to move a bit. Sitting behind a computer for hours on end is not a good idea. So every hour I like to get up and walk around a bit. I noticed that the Alpacas from the farm next door were by the fence. Normally there are a couple laying or walking about. But today there was a lot of them. Something was up. So being curious I looked around and saw my husband outside with his new leaf blower. Alpacas are curious animals and he will keep them occupied. And he will never be alone when he is outside! (Notice the pink and green sweaters on two of the Alpacas.) After I had a little chuckle, I made a cuppa of green tea with a little raw honey to compliment my afternoon work. If there was more time, a nice Indian Chai would have been perfect. I hope everything is going well for all my wonderful readers and that you are healthy!


  1. Nice hot cup of tea is always welcome !! Nowadays hubby is working from home so I am having 3 cups of tea daily instead of 2.
    Hope you are all safe and sound.

  2. A nice cuppa AND sweatered Alpacas…talk about a great day at the ‘office.’ I just fixed a cup of Oregon Chai myself after your suggestion! Haven’t made it from scratch but it’s pretty darn good nonetheless. Now to see some Alpacas…πŸ₯°

  3. Lulu: “Our Dada just had a cuppa today! Usually he drinks Earl Grey like Captain Picard, whoever that is, but today he got into Mama’s white tea for a change.”
    Chaplin: “White tea? Are we sure that wasn’t milk?”

    1. Lulu – your Dada and me have Earl Grey tea and Captain Picard in common! When I drink cold tea, Dixie tries to put her paw in my glass! Do you do that to your Dada? Chaplin – I bet you would like a saucer of milk!

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