Week 3 and Time for Pizza!

How is everyone doing? For me it is week 3 working from home and today we were notified WFH until at least the end of April. That makes 7 weeks! When walking out the door with my keyboard, mouse, laptop and docking station I figured a week or maybe two weeks. Unfortunately in New York, COVID-19 is spreading with warnings of it hitting Upstate NY. We do have cases but nothing like NYC.

We carefully go to the grocery store with a strategy in mind. Even though we always have a stocked pantry, I am stocking up on more items in case it hits here. At that time we will not go grocery shopping and no ordering out. But in the meantime, we ordered out pizza and chicken fingers shaken with BBQ sauce. We follow the hand washing protocol whenever touching and disposing of the cardboard boxes. Then disinfecting the countertop.

On the lighter side I am posting to our new blog Dixie Dog Tails. Our Dixie has a lot of fun adventures and some of our posts are from her perspective. Or how we perceive her voice. We take a lot of fun videos and are sharing some of them on her blog.

For Supper Plate I am busy revising recipes with a new format that includes tips, answering questions and providing instructions in a bullet format. On Pinterest I pinned all our freezer-friendly recipes since there is a current demand for them. Lastly, I am providing the cost per serving to help people understand it is cost effective to make your own dinner. And with so many people out of work, an economical meal becomes more important. Several recipes were updated with a new format and cost per serving:

We posted a new recipe for Chicken and Ham Soup that tied for first place in a soup cook off! It is a Chicken Cordon Bleu turned into a soup. This weekend we have another new recipe with a few more in the works. Plus a few reviews on gadgets and short-cuts I use to help with my meal preparation. I hope you and your family are safe and are doing well. Let me know how you are doing. Blessings and Virtual Hugs!!

Closeup of a Chicken and Ham Soup with a spoon