Winter Snow Storm

It is that time of year when we can’t avoid the snow – even though I want to avoid it! A little snow is okay. But these lake storms brings far too much snow. On Sunday it snowed from when I got up until bed time! Saturday was a mixed bag of freezing rain, rain, and snow! Luckily my appointment was early in the morning. It was freezing rain when I left the house. The roads were okay – mostly okay. But coming home just three hours later the ice and snow was starting to build up. Those are the days when you are glad that home is close. I must admit the snow is pretty to look at. It paints the landscape beautifully. If only it would stop!

My poor husband has to bundle up to deal with all the snow plus the cold temperatures! The farmers land is snowed covered making it easier to see the deer. When they are out. Our patio is snow covered wishing for warm weather with summer grilling parties!

I would like to give a shout out to our snow plow truck drivers! Always happy to see them driving down the road. They are just awesome. A 12-hour day driving at times in the worst weather possible. Whiteouts, slick roads, and of course dealing with crazy drivers! Without them salting the roads and plowing them, we would be in trouble! So thank you snow plow truck drivers!!

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