Working From Home

At Supper Plate we are working on new recipes to post that include Instant Pot recipes. However, with everything going on with COVID-19, we are taking a short break from posting new recipes. (But we revising existing recipes and reposting them.) Instead I am going to share some insight into how our life is changing and how we are coping with all the media overload and often mis-information. Last Friday, we were notified at work we could voluntary work from home. At that time COVID-19 did not seem that serious. I figured another week at work and then maybe WFH. By Sunday schools were closed until April 20th. Ok, so now this is getting real! On Monday none of the parents were at work and people started packing up to WFH. Luckily we can sign out monitors, docking stations, keyboards etc to have our same work setting at home. My plan was to come in Tuesday as my last day in the office. But as the day went on I decided to start WFH on Tuesday. By Tuesday, our company strongly suggested WFH with those who did wander in that day, politely told it was time to WFH. Unless of course you are essential personnel.

computer desk with computers and a chiar

Somewhere St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated. Our work party cancelled and of course all major celebrations. Work from home officially started on St. Patrick’s Day. My view is a bit different. At home my view is a farmer’s field. At work it is a parking lot surrounded by beautiful trees with a turkey or two walking through the parking lot. No complaints at all.

Last year, we moved to a country-like setting. During that move my computer desk was broken by the movers. So that gave me the excuse to get a motorized desk, which is coming in handy right now. To set up for work, I had to move my iMac to the far right, my Macbook Air is on the filing cabinet and lastly my camera is in the closet.

We are trying to keep some semblance of a routine. After all I am working. Skype video calls replace face to face meetings. Microsoft team chats helps keep everyone in the loop. I am reducing my carbs to some degree since I am moving less. But lunch is still a big, healthy salad. This is my Kale salad with a ton of yummy options! I wrote a post providing detailed instructions on how to prepare Kale.

Top view of a kale salad with tomatoes avocados and hardboiled eggs

Overall, I do not have any complaints. I have a job and am getting a paycheck. We keep our pantry stocked so our shopping was not too crazy. The unknowns is difficult on whether this is 2-weeks, 45-days or 8-weeks. Maybe longer? I hope everyone is doing well with whatever life is bringing to their doorstep.