Visiting an Alpaca Farm

We enjoyed a wonderful Saturday afternoon at an Alpaca Farm Days. Alpacas are a beautiful, peaceful animal cousin to the Llama; except Llamas are larger weighing up to 400 pounds whereas Alpacas weigh up to 200 pounds. Another difference is the Llamas have long banana shaped ears while Alpacas have straight, smaller ears. Their faces are also a bit different with llamas having a longer face, while an Alpaca’s face looks squished.

Alpacas are bred for their soft fiber for knitted and woven items such as hats, scarves and gloves. Of course I had to purchase fingerless gloves made from their fiber and an Alpaca stuffed animal! 

They are a herd animal moving in packs and are quiet, curious animals. But if there is danger they make a high pitch noise. Llamas are independent animals often used as guard animals for Alpacas, sheep, and other small stock. 

You can own an Alpaca but remember they are pack animals so you need a minimum of 2 but 3 would be better. Prices can vary from a low of $2,000 and much higher such as $15,000. 

Fences easily contain Alpacas and they are not prone to escaping. They love to graze and we noticed the grass was neatly trimmed in their areas. They are a beautiful animal! I hope you enjoyed this adventure with us!