Dixie Makes Short Work of Her New Toy!

Recently something spooked Dixie – she heard a noise outside. Not sure why it spooked her but dogs can sense things we can’t. So I thought Dixie should have a gift of a new toy. She needs a tough toy with her strong jaw that can easily tear apart thin rubber toys. She also likes toys with a chicken flavor – so I found one. But did not notice that it was a rawhide bone! Maybe I won’t do that again! Everything started well with her gladly accepting her gift from me and then taking it to her bed! Her territory! Look how happy she is with her new toy!!

Then she started ripping off the chicken strips and eating them. But that is okay, they are meant to be eaten. She is quite possessive with always having a paw on her toy or close enough to grab it! Even when taking a little play break.

But then slowly the toy unraveled and was torn into two sections. Luckily she was taking her time and eating slowly since now I am worried she might choke or get an upset stomach! And there is no getting that toy away from her!

We tried to bribe her with an existing toy that she loves. So now she has a paw on each toy! What to do next! That strategy did not work.

After some time we were able to tempt her with a bone to go outside. Though it was tough as you could literally see her deciding what to do. Once outside I got rid of the remaining rawhide. Of course when she came inside she looked all over for it!!

But Dixie had a great day of playing with her new toy and once it was gone… well hubby became her next toy! Since Dixie needs to be entertained. But she is a happy dog and we love spending time with her!

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  1. Dixie seems like a lot of fun! I remember those raw hides and I hated the mess they made let alone worrying about her choking on it! Luckily Dixie gets distracted easily by your hubby! He’s better to play with other than that rawhide.

  2. Amazing how dogs hold onto their toys and tough treats. Mine once had a piece of rawhide that he chewed forever, buried, unburied, and chewed again– till we thought it was just too gross for him to continue with what little was left. Still brings back funfilled memories.

    1. That is too funny how he buried it and unburied the rawhide! I hope Dixie doesn’t think to do that – though as a pup she tended to dig holes in the yard. Dixie is really good with her paws with grabbing and holding onto her toys. Plus she loves to bring you her toys! A very engaging dog.

  3. What a cutie! She seems high energy like my Chance; he pretty much only gets kongs now with treats or peanut butter;nothing else will stand up to his chewing.

    1. Dixie is the same. High energy and a lot of fun. I have a new learning toy that I need to give to her. Curious to see how she will do with it.

      1. I hope you document it! It’s fun seeing all her pics. I’ve been meaning to gather all my puppy posts into one spot! Another project. #DogCrazy

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